Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Parity Card Trick

Yesterday, I performed the greatest of any magic tricks that exist or have existed on our planet. The power of this trick was so immense, it could easily out do an incinerating fireball or an extremely fast bolt of lightning to the face. This trick is called the 'Parity Card Trick' because it involves error control.

How to do the trick:

1. Get someone to lay out a 5x5 square of cards with a black and white face in any order
2. Add another row into the grid, turning it into a 6x6
3. Make sure there is an even number of black sides in each row
4. Turn around and get someone to turn over one card
5. Find the card by checking for an odd number of black sides (odd bits)

This is related to error control because you use the Parity trick to detect the errors and fix them.

1. The data
2. The Parity check data
3. Checks for an odd amount of bits by checking the Parity data in relation to the other data
4. Finds and fixes any errors

A Parity bit is a bit that acts as a check on a set of binary digits. It is calculated by making sure there are an even amount of 1s but occasionally there will be an odd amount of bits.

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